“What Are You Trying to Say?” Improving Writing and Communications with plainlanguage.gov

Title: “What Are You Trying to Say?” Improving Writing And Communications With plainlanguage.gov


  • Edward Kownslar, Head of Research and Instructional Services, Stephen F. Austin State University


    Plain language is “communication your audience can understand the first time they read or hear it.” This website shows how Federal agencies are complying with the Plain Writing Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-274), but the site also provides important guidance to anyone who writes reports, memos, brochures, emails, etc. This webinar will give a tour of the website and will show examples of plain language from different agencies.

    After the webinar, the attendees should be able to:

    1. Apply writing and editing techniques to make communications clearer in print documents and on the web.
    2. Learn the basic principles of design and layout to make reading documents easier.
    3. Apply the agencies’ checklists and templates for plain language to their own writing.

Duration: 51 minutes

Date Recorded: 4/4/2019

Associated files available for download: