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January 15, 2021
Benjamin Franklin’s birthday is January 17, 1706, and we still celebrate the birth of the great statesman 315 years later. What do... Read More ...
January 15, 2021
GPO is holding a high volume of material for libraries who are not yet receiving FDLP shipments. While GPO is committed to holding... Read More ...
January 13, 2021
This message is being posted on behalf of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; and... Read More ...
January 13, 2021
The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has once again made history by becoming the only organization to maintain the highest... Read More ...
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The U.S. Congressional Serial Set was nameless for over 166 Years. From the 15th – 96th Congresses, the bound volumes of Congressional Documents and Reports had no official title. They were known as:

  • The "Congressional Set" or "Congressional Series," because the volumes are made up of Congressional material.
  • The "Sheep Set," because at one time the volumes were bound in beautiful sheep leather; this binding was used through the 59th Congress, which ended March 1907.
  • The "Serial Number Set," because the volumes are identified by a Serial Number which is assigned to and appears at the top of the spine of each volume in the Set.

Beginning with the 97th Congress, the volumes were finally given an official title, "United States Congressional Serial Set." Learn more about the Serial Set.


Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government is now featuring a downloadable quiz on one of our Nation’s most notable Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin, as we celebrate his 315th birthday on January 17.

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A new article is featured on govinfo, The U.S. Electoral College, which includes a link to the 1/6/21 Electoral College vote in the Congressional Record.

Library of the Year Bloomington Library

The Gov Docs 101 webinar series will kick off 2021 on January 12 with a presentation on Legislative History Research, followed in February by a webinar on African American resources. Other topics scheduled in 2021 include presentations from the Dept. of Treasury, Children and Teen Resources Pt. 2, Federal Courts, and Government Technical Reports. GPO is interested in topics related to labor, economics, education and topics of interest to public libraries. If you would like to submit a proposal for a GovDocs 101 webinar, send your proposal to [email protected].

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