Folder File Repository

About the FDLP

Contains information about the Federal Depository Library Program

Folder Depository Administration

Documents regarding tools to administer your collection. Information about best practices, legal obligations, tips, resources and tools are found here.

Folder GPO Cataloging

Contains information about Government Publishing Office Cataloging

Folder Collection Management

Documents regarding the building, organizing and maintaining a tangible and electronic collection are located here.

Folder Outreach

Includes events, online learning, partnerships, and promotional resources to promote the free use of Federal Government information products. Also includes educational and Public Access Assessment resources relating to depository management activities.

Folder Tutorials

Resources that support the educational resources, or tutorials, on the FDLP Desktop.

Folder Historical Publications

Earlier or superseded publications of the FDLP.

Folder FDLP Academy Video Supplemental Materials

This contains pdfs, presentations, and any other supplemental materials pertaining to FDLP Academy Videos.