Notable Numbers

GPO’s Library Services & Content Management contributes to and supports four statutory programs:

  • The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP)
  • The Cataloging & Indexing Program (C&I)
  • The International Exchange Service (IES)
  • The By-Law Program

Notable numbers provides a snapshot of the work done to support these programs.

  • There are 1,110 libraries in the FDLP.
  • In FDLP eXchange, there are 87 libraries offering in 26 regions.
  • There are 87 libraries serving as Preservation Stewards.
  • There is 1 library serving as a Digital Preservation Steward.
  • There are 3 libraries serving as Cataloging and Metadata Contributors.
  • There are 17 libraries serving as Digital Access Partners
  • There are 7 libraries serving as Digital Content Contributors.
  • FDLP LibGuides has had more than 133,00 views to the 165 guides offered.
  • The FDLP Academy has hosted 627 webinars, with more than 78,000 combined registrants.
  • FDLP conferences and events have hosted 9,953 virtual registrants since 2013.
  • GPO has increased the size of the FDLP Web Archive collection to 44.5 TB, with over 454,000,000 URLs crawled.

FY 2022 Statistics (October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022)

  • 256 Federal depository libraries, or 23% of all depositories, participated in the Cataloging Record Distribution Program.
  • Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government saw 413,967 user sessions (958,469 page views).
  • saw 182,032 user sessions (470,668 page views).
  • There have been 35,832.256 successful searches of the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP).

LSCM staff have:

  • Distributed 4,371 titles.
  • Distributed 644,874 copies of materials to FDLP libraries.
  • Added 15,948 new cataloging records to the CGP, of which 10,715 (67%) contained PURLs to full-text publications..
  • Checked in 6,086 serial issues to the CGP and created 85 publication patterns for serial titles.
  • Identified 1,727 previously-uncataloged Serial & Integrated Resource (IR) titles and created new bibliographic records.
  • Resolved 6,975 askGPO inquiries.

Program for Cooperative Cataloging Statistics:

  • Authority records: 1,041 authority records created & updated.
    • NACO: 1,008 name authority records created & updated.
    • SACO: 33 subject authority records created & updated.
  • BIBCO: 11,843 records created.
  • CONSER: 2,367 records created and updated.
    • Newly authenticated CONSER records: 1,335.
    • Updated records: 1,032.

CGP Data Dashboard

A data dashboard is available to visualize various aspects of the bibliographic records for Federal Government information products in the CGP. The dashboard is the start of an exploration of the CGP as a data set. LSCM plans to use CGP data to tell stories about Government information and the FDLP and to represent LSCM’s work. LSCM’s Federal Depository Support Services (FDSS) and Library Technical Services (LTS) are collaborating on the planning, design, and implementation of the dashboard.

For the launch of the tool in March 2022, LTS extracted the following data points from the 7,703 records cataloged by LTS staff members during the period of July through December 2021:

  • Geographic coverage
    • Based on the geographic area codes in the MARC 043 fields
  • Chronological coverage
    • Based on the publication dates in the MARC 264 field
  • Unreported publications
    • Public information products that are not discoverable through the CGP
    • For more details, please see the Reporting Publications page.
    • Based on the codes in the MARC 922 fields.
  • Issuing agencies
    • Based on the Superintendent of Documents Classification Agency classes in the MARC 086 fields

To maximize each box of the dashboard, click on the circular icon in the upper right-hand corner. To minimize the box, click again on the icon.

CGBdashboard Image

LSCM is just beginning to develop the CGP Data Dashboard. We will periodically refresh the data and may replace the current categories of information with different data elements. We welcome feedback and recommendations and will take them under advisement. Please submit your questions and suggestions via askGPO in the “Cataloging/Metadata (Policy and Records)” category.