Update to the Census Bureau's New Dissemination Platform

Title: Update to the Census Bureau's New Dissemination Platform


  • Ally Burleson-Gibson, Supervisory Program Specialist, External Communications, Center for Enterprise Dissemination and Consumer Innovation (CEDSCI), Decennial Information Technology Division (DITD), U.S. Census Bureau


    The Census Bureau is establishing a new paradigm in data dissemination – one where data users will no longer need to know which tools to use on www.census.gov – instead, they will simply start searching to find statistics, maps, web pages, and the other great Census Bureau products they need. In this session, viewers will be provided with an update on the new platform as well as a demo of the site currently known as data.census.gov, designed as a preview for customers to provide feedback as development continues.

Duration: 71 minutes

Date Recorded: 07/31/2018

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