The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Database for Holocaust Survivor and Victim Names

  • Duration: 33 minutes
  • Date Recorded: May 17, 2022


  • Sarah Kopelman-Noyes, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Senior Technical Information Specialist, Names Data Branch, National Institute for Holocaust Documentation


The Database for Holocaust Survivor and Victim Names (HSV) contains 12 million records on people persecuted during World War II under the Nazi regime. It brings together information from the Museum’s collections, as well as from other organizations, about individual survivors and victims into one search tool. This webinar highlights the many ways the USHMM gathers this data and the efforts made to ensure this data is made available to the public. Learn how the HSV Database allows anyone to search for a name of a survivor or victim of Nazi persecution (even via Google), find information about that individual, and in some cases request a copy of the original document.

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