National Collection Service Area Meetings

  • Duration: Various
  • Date Recorded: February 23, 2022


  • Laurie B. Hall, Superintendent of Documents
  • Kate Pitcher, Chief, Federal Depository Support Services (FDSS)
  • Cindy Etkin, Sr. Program Planning Specialist


In 2022, the microfiche format is being phased out of FDLP distribution. Regional depository libraries, who are responsible for managing tangible resources, may face space challenges with the paper format after microfiche ceases. To assist regional depositories, LSCM has expanded upon existing policies and procedures, which includes rolling out a National Collection Service Area framework.

These meetings provide an overview of upcoming changes and an introduction to the National Collection Service Area framework.

Four virtual meetings were held to review changes, one for each National Collection Service Area.

Northeast meeting:

Date held: 2/23/2022

Duration: 81 minutes

South meeting:

Date held: 2/23/2022

Duration: 62 minutes

West meeting:

Date held: 2/24/2022

Duration: 56 minutes

Midwest meeting:

Date held: 2/25/2022

Duration: 57 minutes

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