Regional Depositories Discussion: Reopening, Weeding, & More

Title: Regional Depositories Discussion: Reopening, Weeding, & More


  • Laurie B. Hall, Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO)
  • Cindy Etkin, Senior Programming Planning Specialist (Librarian), GPO
  • Kathy Bayer, Senior Outreach Librarian, GPO
  • Melissa Fairfield, Planning Specialist, GPO


    In this interactive discussion, GPO staff members share information and facilitate discussion on managing regional depository responsibilities with selectives as states and libraries begin to reopen, weeding and using FDLP Exchange during partial library reopenings, and more. Both regional and selective depository libraries are encouraged to watch to learn more as they look to resume services that ensure access to U.S. Government information.

Duration: 105 minutes

Date Recorded: 6/10/2020

Associated files available for download: