Grow Your Bank Account: Use Government Resources To Plan Your Current And Future Finances

  • Duration: 49 minutes
  • Date Recorded: July 24, 2019


  • Jane Canfield, Coordinator of Federal Documents, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico


Who among us wouldn’t like to have a fatter bank account, better control of our finances, and a fabulous retirement account waiting for us? This webinar explores Federal Government resources to help the average consumer handle the family budget better. Emphasis is on resources available from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. Other resources, such as those from the U.S. Census Bureau on the economic situation of the country, are covered as well. Resources in Spanish and other languages are presented. Finally, some examples of state and local government resources are included. Join us not to grow wealthy (although that would be nice) but to better manage what you have and to help your patrons do the same.

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