Preservation Stewards and FDLP eXchange

Title: Preservation Stewards and FDLP eXchange


  • Abby McDermott, Collection Management Librarian, GPO
  • Joe Paskoski, Outreach Librarian, GPO


    This webinar covers how to use FDLP eXchange as a collection development tool, with a special emphasis on those Federal depository libraries serving as Preservation Stewards. During the webinar, we cover how to input your FDLP collection needs into the eXchange database, and how to use eXchange to fill gaps, replace volumes in poor condition, or acquire a second copy of a title. Preservation Stewards can use FDLP eXchange as a collection development tool even if their region does not use eXchange to facilitate discards, and GPO will cover the cost of shipping FDLP material to Federal depository libraries to support Preservation Steward collections. We also review how any Federal depository – selective or regional – can become a Preservation Steward, and the benefits of this important partnership to support the National Collection of U.S. Government Public Information.

Duration: 47 minutes

Date Recorded: 4/13/2021

Associated files available for download: