Beauty, Creativity and Diversity: Art Resources from the Government

Title: Beauty, Creativity and Diversity: Art Resources from the Government


  • Jane Canfield, Coordinator of Federal Documents, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico


    Art takes many forms, from paintings to sculptures, and even body and garden art. Come along on a journey through resources which illustrate our diverse creativity as a Nation and our appreciation of the wonderful and fantastic. We’ll visit the National Gallery of Art, stroll through a few museums, and look at some resources designed to open our minds to art and teach us to appreciate a great diversity of artistic creativity. Our resources will come from the National Endowment for the Arts, the White House, and the Smithsonian, among other places. Join us and relax into the world of art, and leave with some new resources to share with friends, family, and your library patrons.

Duration: 60 minutes

Date Recorded: 9/16/2020

Associated files available for download: