2020 FDL Conference: Regionals Meeting

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2020 Federal Depository Library Conference


Title: Regionals Meeting (REGIL - Regional Government Information Librarians)


    The Regionals Meeting is open to all. It will cover topics of relevance to regional FDLP libraries and will be led by regional coordinators from across the country. Our main discussion topic will be strategies for state-level communication about long-term closures related to the pandemic. Coordinators are invited to share announcements about national collection development and preservation topics, such as Needs Lists, Regional Discard Plans, and Shared Regional Agreements. The meeting will conclude with open discussion. Find information about REGIL at: https://library.ndsu.edu/ir/handle/10365/28087

Duration: 57 minutes

Date Recorded: 10/21/2020

Associated files available for download: