Item Number System

Selective depository libraries in the FDLP can choose from thousands of item numbers that are assigned to U.S. Government publications by agency. The selection profile is the list of all item numbers selected by an individual library. Format Selections Required Item Numbers ...

Bibliographic Control

Bibliographic control for items in a depository collection has the greatest impact for users as it increases the exposure to and accessibility of primary resources on a wide variety of topics for information and research purposes. This article will address issues related to bibliographic control and cataloging, classification, piece level-inventory for items in your depository collection and where you can find cataloging records and bibliographic services to assist in the cataloging...

Amending Your Library's Selection Profile

FDLP libraries choose materials for their libraries through selection profiles, that are the list of item numbers for specific desired content. As content and format needs of the community change, so too should the selections of government publications. Developing Collections Format Selections Required Item Numbers ...
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