R Data Analysis of Q6 from the 2021 Biennial Survey


Questions 6a and 6b on the biennial survey were developed by the Implications of COVID-19 Working Group specifically to gather data for its work.  This Excel file contains the survey responses to these two questions:

  • In which areas, if any, has your institution implemented new library-wide policies and/or procedural changes as a result of COVID-19?
  • Which of these implemented changes, if any, do you anticipate will remain part of your normal operations?

This README file provides documentation on the technical aspects of the R code created for this project. It explains the functions of commands within the provided code and is not meant as a tutorial document. For instructions on downloading, running, and using the R code to examine 2021 Biennial Survey Data for Question 6, users should consult the file StartupCode.txt and Appendix IV of the 2023 Working Group report.

This file contains the code required to upload the 2021 Biennial Survey Data into RStudio for analysis, which users can copy-and-paste into Rstudio to get started. Once loaded into RStudio, users should consult the tutorial in Appendix IV of the 2023 Working Group report for additional instruction on utilizing RStudio's data analysis functions.