Website Wednesday: A Government Documents Landing Page

  • Last Updated: October 18, 2022
  • Published: April 29, 2020

Does your library’s website have a Government documents landing page? A Government documents landing page is a great place to:

  • Inform your patrons about what it means to be a Federal depository library, the size and scope of your collection, and how long you’ve been in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).
  • Give a little background on the FDLP.
  • Explain what tangible resources (if any) are available in your collection and what electronic resources are available.
  • Provide links to your associated library guides and other resources recommended by GPO, and include brief explanations of what those resources are and how they can be used.
  • Include photos (if you make these available) and contact information for you and your fellow Government information librarians and staff members.
  • Post some FDLP graphics and statutory language.
  • Link to your library’s social media accounts.

When creating or reviewing your library’s Government documents landing page, ask yourself, “If my patrons visit this page, will they understand what FDLP resources are available to them, how to access them, and how to get in touch with the right people if they have questions?”

A landing page is not required of Federal depositories, as information about Government information may be integrated into your library’s onsite presence, but consider incorporating the information above into the library’s overall web pages or guides. You are also not required to specifically say your library is a “Federal depository library,” but Your library’s Federal depository collection and services must be visible, so a description of them is important. You should inform your current and potential users that your library has a collection of U.S. Government information resources, and staff can provide reference assistance to support access to the information.