Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL)

The Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) is a database containing non-classified Presidential directives, policy, and national strategy documents as well as specialized resources related to homeland security.

Additional information about this service is contained in a presentation, " Terrorism and Security: What Information is Out There? (4.53 MB) " by Greta Marlatt at the Fall 2007 Federal Depository Library Conference.

Library Access Methods

In partnership with the Federal Depository Library Program, Federal depository libraries have access to HSDL. Depository libraries must register for access to this service.

Two types of access are available. Access is based on library type:

IP Authentication
Available to academic and Federal agency libraries. Access is permitted from all publicly accessible computers. Once validated, HSDL staff will contact your depository to acquire your institution's IP addresses.
Username and Password
Available to all other depository library types. Once validated, HSDL staff will provide individual usernames and passwords for reference librarians.

Terms of Service

By signing up for access to HSDL, your depository library acknowledges that it:

  • Must not release the username and/or password to organizations or individuals other than authorized library personnel.
  • Must not allow organizations or individuals outside of your library to connect via your library’s computer network.

Violators of the service agreement risk loss of access to HSDL.

How to Request Access

To request access to HSDL sign in to askGPO and fill out the form.


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