DPLA eBook Pilot Project

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) are partnering up to make Government eBooks more accessible. GPO strives to keep America informed by producing, preserving, and distributing official Federal Government publications and information products for Congress, Federal agencies, and the American public. DPLA is an aggregation of digital content from different partners. DPLA Exchange, in addition to selling copyrighted materials, has a venue called Open Bookshelf. It provides a platform where openly-licensed eBooks are available for the general public. Their goal is to become a national digital public library to reduce the barriers of access. DPLA Exchange and Open Bookshelf is an effort to create an environment where public libraries can curate their eBook collection.

GPO is adapting its various service models to meet the needs of modern-day users. Currently, GPO does not have an e-reader platform for its users to view the various formats of eBooks. There are over 500 eBooks available on the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP); partnering with the DPLA eBook program will help GPO to continue to achieve its goals. This project is designed to make GPO’s eBooks easily accessible to a wider audience. DPLA will display GPO’s eBooks on Open Bookshelf and will not sell the content or make commercial use of it. They will attribute GPO as the content distributor for all the records along with the names of the content creators.

DPLA is already harvesting Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) records with Persistent Uniform Resource Locators (PURLs) from the CGP through the Open Archive Initiative (OAI). eBooks, however, require additional information, such as cover images, links to cover images, summaries of the records, licenses, and formats.

An example of an updated MARC record appears below with the changes highlighted.

=LDR 01931cam a2200457 i 4500
=001 001057767
=005 20180518123859.0
=008 180518r20181992dcuab\\\o\\\\f001\0\eng\c
=035 \\$a(OCoLC)1035954983
=040 \\$aGPO$beng$erda$epn$cGPO$dGPO
=043 \\$an-us---$ae------
=074 \\$a0344 (online)
=086 0\$aD 114.2:AR 5/4/2018
=088 \\$aPIN:069009-000
=245 00$aAmerican armies and battlefields in Europe.
=264 \1$aWashington, D.C. :$bCenter of Military History, United States Army,$c2018.
=300 \\$a1 online resource (xii, 547 pages) :$billustrations (some color), maps (some color).
=336 \\$atext$2rdacontent
=337 \\$acomputer$2rdamedia
=338 \\$aonline resource$2rdacarrier
=490 1\$aCMH pub ;$v23-24
=500 \\$aTitle from title screen (viewed July 23, 2014).
=500 \\$aOriginally published: Washington D.C. ; U.S. Govt. Print., 1938; first CMH ecdition 1992.
=500 \\$aIncludes index.
=500 \\$aU.S. G.P.O. sales statement incorrect in publication.
=520 \\$aA reissue of the Original 1938 commemorating the actions of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War One. The guide serves both as a narrative of the progress of the conflict and the movements of armies, but also as a tour guide to the battlefields and memorials.
=610 10$aUnited States.$bArmy.$bAmerican Expeditionary Forces$xHistory.
=650 \0$aWorld War, 1914-1918$xBattlefields$zEurope$vGuidebooks.
=650 \0$aWorld War, 1914-1918$xMonuments$zEurope$vGuidebooks.
=650 \0$aWar memorials$zEurope$vGuidebooks.
=650 \0$aWorld War, 1914-1918$zUnited States.
=651 \0$aEurope$vGuidebooks.
=655 \7$aGuidebooks.$2lcgft
=710 2\$aCenter of Military History,$eissuing body.
=830 \0$aCMH pub ;$v23-24.
=856 40$3Available in PDF, and epub versions$uhttp://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo92289
=856 4\$3PDF, and epub versions$zAddress at time of PURL creation$uhttps://history.army.mil/html/books/023/23-24/CMH_Pub_23-24.pdf
=856 \\$3(online)$uhttps://catalog.gpo.gov/fdlpdir/locate.jsp?ItemNumber=0344&SYS=001057767
=856 4\$zAddress at time of PURL creation$3epub version$https://permanent.access.gpo.gov/gpo92289/BattlefieldsOfEurope.epub
=856 40$3 Cover image$uhttps://www.fdlp.gov/images/dpla/gpo92289.jpg
=994 \\$aC0$bGPO
=049 \\$aGPOO
=955 \\$abcb06 20180518$b20180518