askGPO is the public website to use when submitting questions to any area of the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), including Library Services and Content Management (LSCM). Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) users and members of the public can use this site to contact GPO with questions related to any aspect of the FDLP or other services provided by GPO.


The original askGPO site with an Oracle RightNow back end platform launched in 2002. A revised website with a new Salesforce back end platform launched August 10, 2020. Anyone can submit a question to askGPO. Logins for the site are provided for Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and Federal agency staff only.

All depository coordinators at Federal depository libraries are provided with a login for askGPO. Coordinators can request logins for additional staff who work at their library, and Federal agency users can also request a login. These additional features are provided for authenticated users:

  • View the library’s Federal Depository Directory entry. The person designated as the depository coordinator can also edit the Directory information.
  • See the library’s FDLP designation paperwork, if GPO has it.
  • See a list of all questions the user has submitted to askGPO, their current status, and the answer that was provided by GPO once the inquiry has closed.

Training materials for using the site are in the FDLP Academy Training Repository. These include user manuals with screenshots, recorded webinars, and short video tutorials on using various aspects of the site.

For any questions about the askGPO site or to suggest enhancements, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Use the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser. The site will not work properly in IE or Edge.
  • If you had a bookmark to the old askGPO site, delete it and update your bookmark to the new site: https://ask.gpo.gov
  • Be sure to log in before submitting your question – then your depository name and number will auto-populate and you will be able to view your past inquiries.
  • If you do not have a login, you can ask the designated depository coordinator at your library to request a login for you. They will use the “Request Login” link from the menu when they are logged in and fill in your information on the form.
  • If the site is not functioning properly, try clearing the cache on your browser. Clearing your cache will also ensure that you see all improvements to the site that come with periodic new releases.


Release 1.2 (November 2020)

  • Login request page – update form fields and labels to clarify who the request is for
  • Email confirmations – update for login request, create for all webform submissions
  • Webform confirmation pages – update to include detailed information
  • Change agency search default to “contains” instead of “begins with”
  • Confirmation email for Federal agencies upon content submission

Release 1.3 (December 2020)

  • Updated/clarified language on Login Request page
  • Submitted webforms and their status are visible when logged in
  • Removed Preservation and Partnership webforms
  • Updated webform confirmation page and added reference numbers
  • Updated email templates for confirmation emails
  • Redesigned Claims webform
  • Attachments on inquiries are visible when logged in

Release 1.4 (February 2021)

  • Enhanced design and readability of inquiry emails
  • Redesigned Agency Content Submission form
  • Redesigned Fugitive Publications inquiry submission
  • Updated login request process for Federal agencies

Release 1.5 (March 2021)

  • Claims inquiry and email now show individual titles claimed if applicable
  • Updated permissions for what fields in the Federal Depository Library Directory can be edited by depository coordinators
  • Users can now upload a file when submitting a single unreported publication
  • Updated Training/Visits request form
  • Partnership request now submitted as inquiry instead of webform
  • Answer field on automated email response now shows answer beginning on same line

Release 1.6 (April 2021)

  • Updated the Training/Visit Request form
  • Changed inquiry category and all associated emails and labels to reflect new terminology of “Unreported publications” instead of “Fugitive documents”
  • Updates to Claims form (text entered in Comment is now mapped to the Question field)
  • Account and Contact are no longer hyperlinked on My Inquiries
  • Login Requests now show “Login Request” (instead of blank) on the subject line
  • Created Deactivate Login process. If the email submitted is not a Contact, the user will not be able to submit.
  • Personal Notes added

Release 1.7 (June 2021)

  • Increased font size for the FAQ page
  • Updated “Login” from a link to a blue button
  • Updated unreported publication submissions so that confirmation page on askGPO submission provides a link to the inquiry and email received after submission includes information about the title reported
  • Ensured that all available designation paperwork is visible to authenticated FDL users under “My FDL”

Release 1.8 (August 2021)

  • Pilot Project application form

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