Progress Update on Print Reduction for a Digital FDLP 

  • Last Updated: January 31, 2024
  • Published: January 31, 2024

shipmentsimageDigital FDLP implementation activities are starting to impact depository shipment boxes.

  • Reduced quantities of Print Distribution Titles (PDT) are arriving at our distribution facility in Laurel, Maryland and are being held until the future recipients are confirmed.
  • Some titles not on the PDT List have ceased print distribution under the new digital model. 
  • The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 2023 edition has been distributed to all selectors for Titles 1 through 16. CFR Titles 17 onwards are being held as they arrive at our warehouse until the 50 CFR selectors are confirmed; after which, we will resume distribution.
  • The last Federal Register has been distributed. The final Federal Register in print format for FDLP distribution was AE 2.106:88/249, December 29, 2023, shipping list 2024-0062-P.  
  • The last daily Congressional Record has been distributed. The final Congressional Record to ship was X 1.1/A:169/215, January 3, 2024, 118th Congress, first session, shipping list 2024-0065-P.  
  • Libraries noted a drop in the quantity and variety of material shipped in December. You can expect this to continue into 2024 as we implement the PDT. 
  • There continue to be titles that were ordered in 2023 that are now just arriving and will be distributed to libraries that selected these titles prior to PDT implementation. For example, a small number of print congressional hearings will continue to arrive in your shipments. These were ordered in 2023 and are just now being published. Those libraries that selected Congressional hearing item numbers prior to the PDT implementation will receive these volumes.  
  • In light of fewer publications being shipped, and to reduce the time period between receipt of shipments, FDLP distribution has increased use of white envelopes in lieu of boxes. White envelopes were traditionally only used to ship separates. As libraries are receiving less tangible material, it was taking longer for depository boxes to fill. Shipping smaller amounts of material in envelopes ensures more regular receipt of material.  

Other digital FDLP implementation activities in December and January included two questionnaires that were disseminated to all depository libraries. The two questionnaires were to identify National Collection Service Area (NCSA) priorities for receipt of the PDT List publications, and to identify which libraries wanted to receive those publications.

At present, Library Services & Content Management staff are working to confirm that the libraries allotted tangible titles per the NCSA priorities agree to the new retention requirements. A separate email coming later this week will detail the final PDT allocations.

More information:

Basic information about the Digital FDLP Implementation is available. Information about the framework for the future of print distribution and collaborative collection development among the NCSAs in the FDLP is also available.