Print Distribution Updates

  • Last Updated: February 22, 2024
  • Published: February 22, 2024

Digital FDLP implementation activities continue to impact FDLP print distribution.

  • Item selection profiles have been updated in DSIMS to reflect those libraries chosen to receive the titles on the Print Distribution Titles (PDT) list with limited distribution (20- or 50-copy quantities). Library allocation data for these limited titles is available here.
  • Starting in February 2024, FDLP distribution has begun transitioning from the traditional print distribution model to the limited print distribution framework. 
    • Material ordered at limited quantities (20- or 50-copy) is now going out to the libraries designated to receive copies. 
    • Material ordered prior to the transition may still go out in larger quantities. For example: 
      • Slip Opinions: larger quantity was distributed on shipping list 2024-0058-P 
      • Federal Register Index: the final issue for distribution will be vol. 88, nos. 1-249 (January - December 2023) 
    • A list of the material sent out in February will be provided in March to assist with this transition; we will note which content will be subject to the new retention requirements.  
    • A new note will be added to shipping lists to reflect that material distributed after 2/1/2024 is only distributed to PDT selectors. Any exceptions to this will be noted on the shipping list. The February PDF shipping lists on will also be updated. 
  • Shipping lists are now only sent to a library when the library will receive a publication on that shipping list. Shipping list files are available on 
    • Libraries that select only online item numbers will no longer receive paper shipping lists.
  • FDLP distribution may use white shipping envelopes in lieu of the depository boxes for small Paper (P) shipments. Shipping boxes may still be used for larger shipments.

Background information about the Digital FDLP Implementation and the new limited print distribution framework is available. Please submit any questions or concerns via askGPO using the “Digital FDLP” category.