FDLP Separates Shipping List Changes

  • Last Updated: March 01, 2024
  • Published: March 01, 2024

FDLP Distribution is implementing a new procedure for distributing Separates in individually packaged cartons.  

FDLP Separates are usually large bound or unbound volumes, maps or posters in tubes, and oversized publications that must be shipped in individual containers or cartons. They appear on Separates shipping lists, designated with the suffix “S” (e.g., 2024-0023-S). Sometimes multiple publications will be on the same Separates shipping list, but each publication will be mailed separately. 

Many Separates titles with over 500 pages are received from the printer in custom pre-packaged cartons. Since shipping lists cannot be inserted in these pre-packaged cartons, FDLP Distribution is implementing the use of adhesive-backed cellophane envelopes to contain the shipping lists. These envelopes will be affixed to the outside of Separates cartons. Please be careful when opening such cartons to remove the shipping list before discarding.  

If you receive a package without a shipping list, or if your shipping list is damaged, please check the Shipping Lists page on FDLP.gov for the online version, which should be posted shortly after the shipment completes distribution. 

The new procedure will be employed for the below shipment: 

  • 2024-0016-S 
  • Congressional Record Index, Volume 160, part 14, Proceedings and Debate of the 113th Congress, Second session, January 3, 2014 to January 2, 2015, A-K 

If you have any questions, or experience any issues related to this new procedure, please submit an inquiry to askGPO, and select the category, “Distribution/Shipments.”