Federal Depository Library Awards: Library of the Year and Library Website of the Year

Library of the Year

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) annually recognizes an exceptional Federal depository library as the Library of the Year. Past honored libraries further the Federal Depository Library Program’s mission of ensuring that the American public has free access to its Government's information in extraordinary ways.

During the nomination period, individuals or groups may nominate a Federal depository library by describing the library’s efforts providing levels of access and/or programming to expand access to Federal Government collections and services.


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Nomination Guidelines

Nominations should demonstrate the library’s creativity and innovation. The nominees should have implemented new concepts that are models for other libraries to emulate. For example, a nomination can detail the development of specific community programs highlighting Federal Government information, the deployment of new marketing techniques that dramatically increase a community's use of these valuable resources, the employment of any other innovative public service relating to government documents, or collaborations with other libraries or community organizations. Any other accomplishments that greatly enhance public access to Federal government information are good points to bring forward.

Please note: Past winners, libraries of current Depository Library Council members, and libraries on probation are ineligible for consideration.

When selecting finalists, GPO is looking for programs and library techniques that demonstrate:

  • Superb promotion of the Government depository collections and services to the community
  • Thorough knowledge of Federal government information needs in the library's service area
  • Outstanding reference and other service assistance to patrons
  • Well-curated collection of Federal depository tangible and electronic resources adequate to meet the needs of the library’s service area
  • Excellent bibliographic control to enhance public access
  • Substantial cooperative efforts with other depository and non-depository libraries to share knowledge and resources with a larger community
  • Exceptional care and preservation of the depository collection

Nominations are not limited to the examples noted above.

Nominations can include and reference supporting online information, such as testimonials, promotional materials, and any other information documenting superior service within the past 12 - 18 months. The GPO will retain nominations and all related materials. Entries must include the following:

1. Contact Information

  • Name of Library
  • Type of Federal Depository Library: regional or selective
  • Library address
  • Phone number of nominated library
  • Contact name, should the libraries be a finalist
  • Contact information for the submitter, if different from the library contact

2. Description of How the Library Fits the Award Criteria

The description should consist of two to three paragraphs or a list of bulleted narrative points that clearly describe how the library’s accomplishments fit into each of the seven criteria for the award listed above. Entries describing programs and their impact on the community will be especially helpful to the judges in rendering a decision.

While supporting materials, such as brochures, testimonials, press clippings, etc., may be included and are helpful, they are not as important as the written narrative.

3. Information About the Nominated Library

Numbers are not the sole justification for selecting finalists, but they are helpful in providing context to the written submission.

The nominated library’s statistical data, if available, should include:

  • Population served
  • Number of staff managing and maintaining Federal government information
  • Number of staff who are professional librarians
  • Indication of how the Federal government information collection is used by the community

When creating a submission, aim for inclusion. We appreciate the time you take to write a nomination.

Library Website of the Year     

GPO annually recognizes an exceptional Federal depository library’s website as the Library Website of the Year. 2023 is the first year for this honor.

This award is presented to a library with an outstanding website or guide that presents access to Government information and showcases the library’s FDLP resources in a clear, concise, easy-to-access, and eye-catching manner. Nominations for both library websites and library subject guides are accepted.

Any FDLP library may nominate their own website or the website of another FDLP library. Libraries of current Depository Library Council members are ineligible for consideration.


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