Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS)

  • Last Updated: February 18, 2022
  • Published: October 15, 2012

Depository libraries receive Federal publications through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). Libraries select Federal publications that they wish to receive based on the needs of their constituents.

Consult your library's collection development policy for information about how your library meets the Federal information needs of your community.

Libraries can view a list of all Federal publications that are available for selection using the List of Classes.

Use the Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS) to view and manage your library's item selection profile.

Access Your Library's Item Selection Profile

  1. Log into DSIMS to access your library's item selection profile.
  2. Use your library number and GPO-issued internal password to log in.

For information on how to use DSIMS, consult the Quick Start Guide

Approximately  900 new item numbers were created as a result of the DSIMS launch. Libraries are encouraged to review these new item numbers and evaluate their selection profile accordingly.

Dropping Publications

Depositories may stop receiving publications at any time by dropping the item number from their library's item selection profile. Libraries will stop receiving the dropped publications within one week. Claims cannot be made to dropped publications.

Adding Publications

Depositories can now add publications at any time using DSIMS; however, receipt of the newly-added publication is based on format.

  • Online (EL) publications are added immediately.
  • Tangible publications are processed on October 1 of each year. Libraries will receive the publications on shipping lists for the new fiscal year.

Rules and Best Practices for Adding and Dropping Publications

When adding and dropping item numbers, remember the following:

Selective Depository Libraries

Selective depository libraries may only select one tangible format of a publication, in addition to an online equivalent (EL) when available. For example, a selective may choose to select both the print and (EL) or both the microfiche and (EL). The library may not select both the print and microfiche format.

Regional Depository Libraries

Regional depository libraries only (including one designated library in a state or jurisdiction without a regional library,

  • Item number 0993-A-01, Congressional Record (bound) 1985 and forward, SuDocs Class X 1.1:
  • Item number 1008-F, Serial Set (bound) 105th Congress and forward, SuDocs Class Y 1.1/2:
  • Item numbers 0379-I (D 5.363: ) and 0379-I-01 (D 5.363/2: ) Tidal Current Tables
  • Item numbers 0379-I-02 (D 5.363/3: ), 0379-I-03 (D 5.363/3-2: ), and 0379-I-04 (D 5.363/3-3: ), and 0379-I-05 (D 5.363/3-4: ) Tide Tables

Regional and Law Depository Libraries

Regional and law depository libraries only may select the following:

  • Item number 0740-A-02, Supreme Court Decisions (decisions in individual cases) (slip opinions), SuDocs class JU 6.8/B:

Prevent Gaps in Your Collection due to Changing Formats

In order to change the format of a publiction and prevent a gap in holdings, such as when switching from paper to microfiche, do the following:

  1. Add the microfiche item in DSIMS at any time. The change will take effect on October 1.
  2. Once your library receives the first shipment of the title in microfiche after the the fiscal year shipping lists begin, drop the paper selection.