Offers - Regional Review, Selective Review, and Offering Nationally

FDLP eXchange is a tool designed to make discarding depository materials easier for libraries. However, it is important to remember that requirements and processes for discarding have not changed with the release of eXchange.

  • Regionals still establish discard policies and procedures for their regions. They determine whether a region will use eXchange, what can be discarded, and how long review periods are to be.
  • Offers must still follow the established review process of: regional first, selectives within the state second, then national offers.
  • Limits on discards in states without a regional continue to apply.

With this in mind, FDLP eXchange was designed to pass offers through three distinct phases before becoming eligible for discard.

  1. Phase 1- Regional Review is the period in which a regional library reviews all offers and determines whether or not to pass, disallow, or request all items being offered in the region. The time period allowed for this phase is determined and set by the regional library. Selective libraries will not be able to change the review period.
  2. Phase 2- Selective Review is the period in which selectives review all offers from within their own region that have been passed on by their regional. The time period allowed for this phase is also determined and set by the regional library. Selective libraries will not be able to change the review period.
  3. Phase 3- National Offers is the period in which all depository libraries will review offers that have passed through Phases 1&2. Whether or not materials are offered nationally, and for how long, is determined by each individual library. This is done under “Library Account—My Library.”

To offer nationally, the checkbox “Offer Nationally?” must be checked and a time period must be selected. Review periods range from 0-90 days.


There are a few important things to note about National Offers.

  • Libraries are not required to offer nationally. However, it is strongly encouraged as the practice helps other depositories build their collections.
  • All depository libraries are eligible to post offers nationally, whether or not their region uses FDLP eXchange for regional and selective review. If you are in a region that is not currently using eXchange, contact us and we will set up your account accordingly.
  • The default in eXchange is to not offer nationally, so if your library does want offers to go through this phase, you must go into “Library Account—My Library” and check the box indicating this preference.

If you have any questions about review periods, or need assistance with setting up your account for national offers, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..