Library Research for Energy, Mineral, and Uranium Resources

Title: Library Research for Energy, Mineral, and Uranium Resources


  • Emily C. Wild, Chemistry, Geosciences and Environmental Studies Librarian, Princeton University


    Princeton University Library’s chemistry and geosciences collections at the Lewis Science Library support library users interested in research related in the Department of Chemistry, Department of Geosciences, and the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI). This session provides an overview of print and digital resources available for coal, gas hydrates, geothermal, world oil and gas (onshore and offshore), uranium, wind (onshore and offshore), world mineral resources by country and commodity, world mining (including ocean mining), and world uranium resources. Research sources related to environmental considerations of energy and mineral extractions, uses, and wastes are also included.

Duration: 93 minutes

Date Recorded: 8/27/2020

Associated files available for download: