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GPO welcomes Lake Pleasant Public Library, which is located amongst the Adirondack Mountains, as a new member of the FDLP. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) designated the library and it is the only depository library in Hamilton County in northern NY.

Wendy Knapp

State Librarian of Ohio Wendy Knapp stands next to an Ohio wildfire danger sign featuring Smokey Bear. The sign is part of The Legacy of Smokey Bear: 75+ Years of Fire Prevention for the U.S. Forest Service exhibit at the library. Both Wendy and Smokey Bear are wearing their new FDLP face masks.


Library Call to Action

Bert Chapman

The Journal of Advanced Military Studies published an article on U.S. Government literature on the national security implications of artificial intelligence written by Bert Chapman, longtime Depository Coordinator at Purdue University Library and FDLP Academy presenter.

Celebrate Constitution Day!!


Celebrate Constitution Day with us!


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