New FDLP eXchange Web Pages

  • Last Updated: December 22, 2021
  • Published: February 28, 2020

FDLP eXchange web pages have been updated to make them easier to use. Instead of one page, there are now five pages broken out by function.

FDLP eXchange (landing page accessible from any page on under the Collection Tools menu at the top)

This page is an easy place to access all the eXchange pages. It also provides direct links to both the live and training eXchange sites.

FDLP eXchange Instructions

This page provides a description of eXchange sites and access to instructional resources including: the Data Dictionary, templates, guides, videos, webinars, and guidance.

FDLP eXchange Application Development

This page includes information on the future development of and enhancements to FDLP eXchange. Here you can see planned enhancements, potential future enhancements, and known issues. Access to recordings of virtual discussions of future development can also be found on this page.

Tips of the Week

This page provides access to all Tips of the Week. The most current tips are featured, and past tips can be browsed by topic.

FDLP eXchange Archived Project Page

This page includes background information on FDLP eXchange.