Using OnTheMap for Community Analysis, Part 1: Basics

Title: Using OnTheMap for Community Analysis, Part 1: Basics


  • Steve Beleu, Federal Government Information Specialist at the Oklahoma Dept. of Libraries


    Use this tool to create maps with data for where people live who work in your town, city, county, or tribal geography (and where people who live there work). You will learn how to use OnTheMap’s five basic analytical tools:

    1. Area Profile – Data for where workers work or where they live
    2. Area Comparison – Same data, but for sub-geographies within geographies
    3. Distance/Direction – Distances between home and work
    4. Destination – Directions in which workers live or work
    5. Inflow/Outflow – About the number of people who live or work in a geography and where they work or live

    For User Guides, please consult the website at: https://lehd.ces.census.gov/applications/help/onthemap.html#!what_is_onthemap

Duration: 64 minutes

Date Recorded: 02/23/2017

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