Title Date of Webinar
Discovering the Specialized Information Centers of the National Agricultural Library April 06, 2021
Using Government Art Sources for Chemistry, Geosciences, and Environmental Studies Library Research February 25, 2021
Library Research for Natural Hazard Events: Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, and Wildfires October 29, 2020
2020 FDL Conference: The U.S. National Science Foundation at 70: Historical and Library Resources October 23, 2020
Pharmaceutical Research Sources Available for COVID-19 September 10, 2020
Library Research for Energy, Mineral, and Uranium Resources August 27, 2020
Library Research for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (Including Climate Change) July 21, 2020
Issues in Forestry and Science Librarianship: Taxonomy and Authority Control: Experiences of a Federal Science Library May 13, 2020
Digital Collections at the National Forest Service Library March 17, 2020
Library Research for Water Resources March 05, 2020
A Guided Tour of NOAA Climate.gov — Three Portals in One February 21, 2020
Introduction to Geosciences Library Research January 23, 2020
Stay Up-To-Date with Nutrition: The National Agricultural Library and Its Online Nutrition Resources November 27, 2018
Using Science.gov to Access U.S. Government Science Information September 25, 2018
Using The DOE Data Explorer (DDE) To Find DOE-Funded Research Data September 12, 2018
NASA: Beyond NASA.gov August 08, 2018
USGS Library Materials for Natural Hazards July 19, 2018
USGS Library Materials for Water Resources Information March 27, 2018
OSTI.GOV: Making Science More Open, Efficient, and Reproducible March 15, 2018
USGS Library Materials for Earth's Age March 06, 2018
Science Cinema: A Little-known Resource for Students and Teachers February 21, 2018
An Introduction to the Biodiversity Heritage Library November 29, 2017
USGS Library: Indexes, catalogs, and other bibliographic tools, a day in the life of a reference librarian September 19, 2017
Let’s Talk: Librarians & Agricultural Law August 09, 2017
USGS Library: Oil, Gas, Coal, Uranium, and Minerals Maps and Data August 03, 2017
Government Information on The Great American Eclipse July 25, 2017
Web Soil Survey: An Introduction June 06, 2017
Science Soup, Part Four: How Hot and Stormy Can It Get? NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration): Oceans, Storms and Climate Change April 25, 2017
Science Soup, Part Six - Saving Us from Scary Things: CDC (Centers for Disease Control): Monitoring Our World for Disease March 28, 2017
Science Soup, Part Five: The Air We Breathe and the Water We Drink: The EPA - Keeping Our Environment Safe February 15, 2017
Science Soup Part Three: Rocket Ships and Stars - Out of this World with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) January 25, 2017
Science Soup: Mix your way through the ingredients of some major science databases: Science.gov, PubMed, and WorldWideScience January 11, 2017
USGS Library: Geoscience Outreach and Instruction December 07, 2016
Science Soup Part Two: Rocks, Rivers and Trees - the USGS (United States Geological Survey) and the U.S. Forest Service December 06, 2016