Federal Depository Library Directory and Library Addresses

The Federal Depository Library Directory provides searchable street address, contact, and other information useful to locate depositories. Additional information is maintained by library staff in DSIMS.

Federal Depository Library Directory

The Federal Depository Library Directory (FDL Directory) lists all FDLP libraries and their library type, size, designation status, and contact information. Depository staff who log in can view depository email addresses and edit their library’s FDL Directory entry.

GPO links to the FDL Directory from the Catalog of Government Publications (CGP), the GPO Web site, and FDsys to help researchers locate Federal depository libraries.

Depository staff are responsible for keeping FDL Directory information up-to-date.

All Federal depository libraries must have current information in the FDL Directory to facilitate contact by the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), other libraries, and the public. When the depository coordinator position is vacant, provide an interim or temporary point of contact in the coordinator name, phone number, and email address fields.

Two views of the FDL Directory are available:

Public view

  • Retrieve list of libraries by state or territory from a map.
  • Search by keyword or use advanced search options.
  • Print or export information.
  • Note: The depository coordinator’s email address and Library Notes are not visible in the public view.
  • For instructions on using the FDL Directory, click on "Help" from the left-hand menu.

Depository staff view

  • Log in to make updates to library information. The database updates in real time.
  • Search by keyword or use advanced search options.
  • Locate your depository's Z39.50 password.
  • View depository coordinator’s email address and Library Notes fields.
  • Print or export information for use in other applications.
  • Note: There are a few fields which you will not be able to modify. If you believe there is inaccurate or outdated content in a field that you are unable to edit, please notify GPO.
  • For instructions on using the FDL Directory, log in and select "Help" from the left-hand menu.

FDL Directory Login

The login is your depository library number and the password is your individual depository library password. If you do not have the password contact FDLP Outreach and include your name, library number, phone number, and email address.

GPO staff must confirm that you work in the depository operation of the library before sharing the password.

Library Address Information

Building and First Class Mail Address – FDL Directory

The FDL Directory contains your library’s physical building address and first class mailing address for correspondence. Log into the FDL Directory to make updates to these addresses. There are separate fields for the street and mailing addresses which may be used if needed. You can also update the name of the library or parent institution.

Depository Shipment and Courier Address - DSIMS

Depository boxes or shipments are delivered by couriers to all libraries except those in the islands. When a new shipping address becomes effective, libraries should immediately notify GPO through askGPO to ensure all shipments are received.

Temporary Address Changes

You may make address changes as often as needed. If your collection and/or services are moving to a temporary location during a building remodel and any addresses change, contact FDLP Outreach, update the FDL Directory, and DSIMS as appropriate. For more information please see the Moving Your FDL Collection guidance article.