Missing material from current shipments may be claimed, but proper procedures should be followed to ensure receipt.

The following lists what may or may not be claimed:

May Claim:

  1. Publications selected but not received.
  2. Publications damaged during shipment.
  3. Defective publications.
  4. Individual publications or entire shipments.

May Not Claim:

  • Publications that are lost, stolen, or mutilated after receipt by the library.
  • Publications not on the library’s item selection profile.
  • Newly selected publications whose selection is not yet in effect. All new selections associated with tangible formats that you added to the DSIMS Cart become effective on October 1.
  • Material listed on the Claims Copies Exhausted Web page.
  • Material found on shipping lists older than 60 days.
  • Material listed as ‘shipped short’ on their shipping list.

Duplicate or Misdirected Shipments and Boxes Received in Error

If you receive a box in error or if you receive a duplicate shipment, it is likely another library has not received their box. See Forwarding or Returning Misdirected Shipment Boxes.

Defective Copies

If your library gets a defective copy of a publication in a shipment, you should make a claim for the publication just as if it never arrived. Examples of defects include missing pages or illegible content. Keep the defective copy until you receive the claim copy. Once your library has replaced a defective copy with a claims copy, you may discard the defective copy. Do not send the defective copy to GPO and do not offer it on a discard list to the regional.

Honoring Claims

GPO honors claims as long as a supply of claims copies remains available. However, GPO is only able to retain a few claims copies and can quickly exhaust its supply. 

Libraries must make claims within 60 days.

You should consult the FDLP eXchange for extra copies from the depository community, if your library is missing publications and you cannot claim them.

Claim Process

To claim missing materials listed on paper, electronic and separates shipping lists:

  1. Check the Shipping Lists page to verify that GPO did process and distribute the shipping list if your shipping list is missing. A missing shipping list may indicate that the shipment is forthcoming.
    a. Add 7-10 business days for the vendor to ship the boxes from Laurel, MD (12-15 days for Alaska and Hawaii).
    b. Add extra time if your library uses a receiving facility that routes packages to your library or unit.
  2. Verify that the item number of a missing publication is on your item selection profile by checking the Item Lister or DSIMS.
  3. Check that the shipping list is still within the 60 day claim period.
  4. Ensure that the claims copy supply is not exhausted.
  5. Make the claim.

Claims are mailed out individually upon receipt.

Claiming Direct Mail Microfiche

Do NOT use the claims form to claim direct mail microfiche.

Email, fax or mail your claim within 60 days of receipt at your library to the address below. Please include Title, Sudocs number and your Depository Library number on all correspondence.

Data Management Internationale, Inc.
55 Lukens Drive
New Castle, DE 19720
Fax: (302) 656-1169
Phone: (302) 656-1151
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For titles distributed without shipping lists (Daily Congressional Record, Federal Register, and List of CFR Sections Affected), claims copies will be available for 60 days after the contractor distributed the title; please file your claim as soon as you become aware of a missing or damaged item.

Claiming USGS Maps

Do NOT use the claims form to claim maps distributed from USGS.

To file a claim, circle the missing item numbers and complete the claims form at the bottom of the shipping list. Mail or fax your claim to the address below.

United States Department of the Interior
Geological Survey
Denver Federal Center
MS 306, Attn: Receiving
Denver, CO 80225
Fax: (303) 202-4710
Phone: (303) 202-4178