COVID-19 Toolkit: Federal Depository Library Program

As Federal depository library staff and patrons are dealing with library closures, virtual work environments, and virtual service environments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding all of the information you need, and finding reliable information can be daunting.

From this toolkit, you can access:

  • Information for Federal depository library staff on FDLP operations during the pandemic.
  • Reliable U.S. Government information resources for FDLP patrons.
  • Downloadable images you can use for your library website to link patrons to your COVID-19 information pages or research guides.

COVID-19 Guidance for Federal Depository Library Staff

COVID-19 Resources for Federal Depository Library Patrons

Educational Webinars

Downloadable Images to Point Patrons to Your Library’s COVID-19 Resources

Downloadable Infographics to Share with Patrons



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