Celebrating Halloween

Each October, Federal depositories across the Nation add a little spookiness to their libraries with festive displays. Below is a sampling of the many ways in which depository libraries have “frightened” up their spaces.

2020 Halloween Displays

    • Memphis Public Libraries is hosting Halloween activities for their patrons. They are offering free pumpkins to take home for a decorating contest and fall craft bags to go.
    • The Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library has incorporated their publications in their Halloween decorations, and Ben is in costume, ready to assist their patrons.

2019 Halloween Displays

    • Patrons of the Cleveland Public Library are taking caution today as Ben experiments with Government documents!
    • At the University of North Texas Libraries, Ben dressed up as the terrifying ‘Pennywise’ the clown. Being true to his name though, he’s reading adages about industriousness and frugality in Poor Richard’s Almanack.
    • The J. Murrey Atkins Library at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte caught Ben taking a peek at The Roswell Report and warning patrons about zombies.
    • The Connecticut State Library is gearing up for Halloween with a display of spooky Government documents for patrons including the Air Force’s, “The Roswell Report” and the National Institute of Mental Health’s, “From Witchcraft And Sorcery to Head Shrinking!”
    • At the St. Charles City-County Library/Middendorf-Kredell branch in O’Fallon, Missouri, Ben got into his Frankenstein costume to help shine a spotlight on some creepy Government documents.
    • The Katie Murrell Library at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky is celebrating Halloween and the Day of the Dead with Ben dressed up as Cousin It ("Cousin Ben") from the Addams family.

2018 Halloween Displays

    • The Katie Murrell Library at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky got spooky for Halloween. In addition to their creative displays for Dia de los Muertos, and to showcase a variety Vampire/Halloween books, they hosted a Walking Dead anniversary giveaway. They also turned their Circulation Desk into Castle Dracula and had ‘Count Ben-cula’ in the Government Documents department.
    • Ben looked spooky at Jacksonville University’s Swisher Library in Jacksonville, Florida.
    • The Shreve Memorial Library in Shreveport, Louisiana took Ben on a Halloween tour of the library. He explored the fall foliage and got up close and personal with some ghostly visitors. He even helped patrons work on a fall puzzle and find some fun coloring pages.
    • Ben was in disguise at the South Carolina State Library, pointing patrons to Halloween-inspired reads from the Government documents collection.
    • Shasta Public Libraries’ Redding Library (California) dressed Ben up as a firefighter as a nod to one of his many ventures. Did you know that Ben Franklin established Philadelphia’s first Fire Department in 1736? Volunteers needed to bring their own leather buckets, along with a linen sack to protect valuables. This became the basis for all fire companies in Philadelphia until the Revolutionary War.
    • The staff at the New Mexico State Library created a Halloween display that incorporated their Federal and State government documents. The great posters and comic books are from the Department of Defense.

2017 Halloween Displays

  • The Saint Louis University Law Library celebrated Halloween in conjunction with the school’s Research Expo, which had over 150 attendees! They held a very popular CDC Zombie Pandemic poster raffle.
  • The Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library created a spooky display for their patrons.
  • Rebecca Hyde from Saint Louis University’s Pius XII Memorial Library took Halloween to a whole new level when she dressed up her adorable son, Laydon, as Ben Franklin, complete with a Ben’s Guide lapel pin!
  • At the University of North Texas’ Eagle Commons Library, staff member Victoria Curry made Ben a Scrappy costume (UNT’s eagle mascot). The library also hosted a pumpkin carving contest for patrons.
  • The student workers at the Katie Murrell Library at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky turned the library into a spooky pirate ship.
  • Cleveland Public Library dressed up Ben as a Red Coat for Halloween. They gave out sweet treats and taught their patrons about U.S. history.
  • The State of Oregon Law Library is open to all members of the public seeking legal resources -- both living and undead!
  • Longview Public Library in Longview, Texas turned their library into a creepy, Haunted Library – and just look at the line of patrons waiting to walk through. Check out their cool haunted album.
  • The St. Charles City-County Library/Middendorf-Kredell branch in O’Fallon, Missouri got Ben in the Halloween spirit and highlighting creepy Government documents for their patrons. Ben also got dressed and ready for the premiere of ‘Stranger Things.’

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