FDLP eXchange Application Development

FDLP eXchange was launched in June 2018 to help Federal depository libraries manage their disposition processes. Additional development is planned, both to improve existing functionality and to add additional functions.


As individuals in libraries and on GPO staff work with FDLP eXchange, they will discover things that could work better and come up with ideas for new features. As these ideas arise and are suggested to the FDLP eXchange team, they will be developed into requirements and tracked in a requirements backlog.

In preparation for each new round of development, the FDLP eXchange team will review the requirements backlog and determine which requirements will be included in the development. These decisions are made on a combination of factors, including priority, which groups of requirements may fit together well for certain features, and whether the planned development will be a point release (such as FDLP eXchange 1.1) or a major release (such as FDLP eXchange 2.0).

Whether something can be done in a point release or a major release is determined by the level of development required. Something fairly straightforward that does not require major rework of existing components can be done in a point release, while something more complex that will require rebuilding or reprogramming of existing components of the system will need to be done in a major release.

Planned Development

As the FDLP eXchange team plans upcoming development based on user feedback, requirements planned for the current round of development will be removed from the requirements backlog and be added to the release plan. The release plan will be shared with stakeholders for comment. Updates may be made to the release plan based on stakeholder feedback, resource availability, and management priorities. Any requirements that are deferred during this review process will go back into the requirements backlog for future consideration.

As each release is planned and developed, GPO will post information on what is planned in the upcoming release. FDLP eXchange 1.1 is currently in the review process. Current plans for FDLP eXchange 1.1 are described below. Information posted below will be updated when plans are finalized.

Tentative FDLP eXchange 1.1 Enhancements

  • Imitate / Emulate Function: This function will allow user support staff to see what another users see in the system while logged into their own account. For example, if depository library staff contacts GPO’s Outreach and Support staff regarding an issue encountered using the system, this function will allow the GPO staff member to see what the depository library staff member sees in order to better diagnose the issue.
  • Bulk Processing: Currently the only functions that FDLP eXchange can perform in a bulk action are (1) uploading spreadsheets of offers or needs and (2) passing or requesting offers from a regional’s selectives in the Regional Review queue. This enhancement will add bulk processing options for certain status changes (such as Mark Discarded) and for marking offers in search results and requesting them in bulk.
  • Visibility of Library Information: This enhancement will display mailing addresses for libraries that requested offers or placed needs so that the other library in the exchange can ship the material without having to rely on the messaging tool to get an address. It will also provide clearer library information in the drop-down menus used to filter by libraries.
  • Expiration Dates: Lists of offers will display expiration dates indicating when the offer expires from the current phase.
  • Do Not Need List: This enhancement will allow regional depositories to add entries for materials they have determined that they do not need to a Do Not Need List in the system. If a selective in the region offers the material, the offer will “match” the entry on the Do Not Need List and advance automatically to phase 2 where it will be offered to other selectives in the region.
  • Shipping List Dates: The Shipping List Date / Receipt Date field will no longer be a required field for offers. It is recommended that selectives provide this information when possible to help the regional determine whether retention requirements have been met, but the field is no longer required.
  • Drop-Down List of Libraries in “Filter by Library” Filter: Where these filters appear, only libraries with current offers/needs in the system will appear in the list.
  • Archiving: FDLP eXchange will archive entries in statuses that have processed out of the system (such as “Discarded” or “Fulfilled/Transferred”) so they do not appear in the default display in My eXchange. The system will allow users to display archived entries when desired.
  • Data Infrastructure: This enhancement will build the infrastructure to capture and make additional data available for reporting purposes.
  • Second SuDoc Field: This enhancement will add a second SuDoc field to offers and needs records.
  • Are You Sure? Function: This enhancement will prompt users to confirm that they wish to submit an offer or a need.
  • Sorting and Filtering in Mobile View: This enhancement will allow mobile users to sort or filter on the same field that can be sorted or filtered in the desktop view.
  • Push Review Period Changes from Regional to Selectives in the Region: Currently the information on regional and selective review periods displayed in a selective depository’s library account information is updated when the selective updates their library information. This will update the information when the regional updates a review period.
  • Site Language Consistency: The language used throughout the site will be reviewed for consistency and updated as needed.
  • Postage Requirement: The Postage Requirement field will be updated to include three options: “Yes,” “No,” and “Sometimes.” A Postage Notes field will be added to include notes when “Sometimes” is selected.
  • Offer Nationally Review Periods at Item Level: This enhancement will allow users to select whether to offer material nationally and set the associated review period on an item-by-item basis.
  • Filter by Availability Date: This enhancement will allow users to limit search results by the date when the item became available to them, rather than by when the item was posted. Using posted dates here is problematic because it can result in filtering out items that were posted, but not available to the user, on the date used to limit the search.
  • Regional Review Queue Sorting: This enhancement will set the default sort for the Review Offers queue in the regional interface to sort first by the date posted (oldest to newest), then by Classification Number.
  • Enhanced SuDoc Validation: This will enhance the SuDoc validation algorithm to accept certain correct SuDoc Numbers that do not meet the current validation requirements, such as older Serial Set volumes, older Congressional hearings, and the House and Senate Journals.

Requirements Backlog

Requirements for potential future enhancements are managed in the requirements backlog. These are requirements that were not included in the next planned release, but remain as candidates for future development.

Known Issues Log

Additionally, known issues that are being fixed as part of site maintenance are tracked here. These are issues with functions not working as planned. Functions that work as planned, but may need to be changed to work better, will be included in the requirements backlog, rather than in the known issues log. The known issues log will include information on issues that are currently in the queue to be fixed, as well as status on items that have been fixed.

Join the Discussion

LSCM wants your input. You can share your thoughts and ideas by participating in a virtual discussion, submitting the comment form, or by making suggestions directly to our staff when you interact with us.

LSCM plans to hold quarterly virtual discussions to discuss planned development with the community and to solicit input on future development plans. In some cases, materials will be posted in advance of the discussion to give participants the opportunity to think through implications for their libraries prior to the discussion.

Stay tuned to FDLP News & Events for announcements about future virtual discussions.

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