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The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is currently working with contractors to develop the FDLP eXchange, an application that will replace and expand the national Needs & Offers hosted on FDLP.gov. The goal of this development is to build an application that libraries in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) can use as a one-stop-shop for the entire needs and offers process. FDLP eXchange will automate disposition processing by allowing libraries to enter information on materials they want to discard and to have the process managed by an automated workflow. The application will also allow libraries to enter information on materials needed for their collections or digitization efforts.

The user-friendly design will include an easy-to-use interface as well as many convenient features. This will include options to manually enter records or upload lists from a library’s catalog, and the entire site will be mobile ready. The automated workflow will move offers through the process of offering materials first to the library’s regional depository, then to other selectives in the same region, then to libraries across the country. A matching function will match one library’s offers with other libraries’ needs and provide notification to both libraries when there is a match. The in-site communication tool will allow libraries to communicate within the application through an interface that allows colleagues to collaborate on requests placed with other libraries.

FDLP eXchange Training Site

The new FDLP eXchange training site is now available, which will allow FDLP library staff to test out the FDLP eXchange and begin to learn how to use it before launching the live production site.

The training site will also give regionals an opportunity to test the application within their regions and determine their own procedures if they choose to use the application as part of the disposition process. The training site has full functionality – with the exception of email notifications.

Please note that the URL for the training site will change when the live production site is launched.

FDLP eXchange Project Timeline

  • Contract issued to Confluence, Corp.: September 2015
  • Discovery phase completed: December 2015
  • Initial site design completed: April 2016
  • Initial development completed: July 2016
  • GPO internal tested completed: August 2016
  • Beta test completed: September 2016
  • Additional development: throughout Spring 2017
  • Sunset of the national Needs & Offers service: June 1, 2017
  • Launch of FDLP eXchange training and educational resources: June 1, 2017
  • Launch of the FDLP eXchange Training Site: October 2017

Benefits of the FDLP eXchange

The FDLP eXchange boasts many benefits for regional and selective depository libraries. Download the benefits document to share with library administrators, directors, and staff.

Next Steps for Regionals to Take

***Please note: This section applies only to regional depository libraries. Next steps for selective depository libraries will be forthcoming.

Going to roll out FDLP eXchange in your FDLP region? Take these steps:

  • Notify GPO via web form of your intent to adopt the tool. A GPO staff member will contact you to confirm and provide account information.
  • Communicate with your selectives.
    • Provide a timeline of the adoption so selectives know when their lists have to be submitted through FDLP eXchange and when they must stop using your current system.
    • Convey any deadlines for selectives to initiate use of the tool.
    • Show selectives the template for lists so they know what to expect.
  • Log into FDLP eXchange, and configure the settings for your account and for your region:
    • Set alerts and notifications for your library.
    • Set review periods for review of lists at various levels.
    • Add any user accounts for additional staff if needed at your library.
      • By default one account is set up for the designated depository coordinator as listed in the Federal Depository Library Directory. Up to 5 accounts may be established at your institution. This enables support staff and others directly involved in the weeding process to access the tool for submitting withdrawal lists, reviewing and claiming material on other libraries’ withdrawal lists, and processing any claims on your lists.
      • By default the depository coordinator is the administrator for the library’s eXchange work. Notify the GPO staff member who contacts you with account information if someone else should have that responsibility.
  • Notify selectives to set up their FDLP eXchange accounts. (Default accounts will be available for the designated depository coordinator, but additional support staff may benefit from creating an account.)
  • Determine if testing is needed in your FDLP region.
  • Update any procedures and guidelines you may have locally. (Be sure to check web pages.)
  • If applicable, note any materials you may need in your collection as a Needs List. When another library offers the material, the tool will ‘match’ on your need at the appropriate stage.

Not going to roll out FDLP eXchange in your FDLP region at this time? Take these steps:

  • Notify GPO via web form of your region’s intent to only use the tool to offer materials nationally.
  • Communicate with your selectives.
  • Log into FDLP eXchange, and configure:
    • Alerts and notifications.
    • Whether and how long to offer materials nationally.
  • Even if you are not using this tool for your region's process, you can note any materials you may need in your collection in the Needs Queue. When another library offers the material, the tool will "match" on your need at the appropriate stage.
  • Update any procedures and guidelines you may have locally. (Be sure to check web pages.)
    • Note that the National N&O List has been replaced by the “Offer Nationally” portion of the workflow in FDLP eXchange.

Templates to Upload Needs and Offers

Download templates for uploading needs lists (.csv, .xlsx) and offers lists (.csv, .xlsx).

Please note that the .xlsx versions of the templates have bolded column headers to indicate required fields. Users whose software does not support the.xlsx format should use the .csv versions of the templates.

Download sample needs lists (.csv, .xlsx) and offers lists (.csv, .xlsx).

These include example entries for monographs, serials entered as a range, and serials entered as individual issues.

Use the FDLP eXchange Data Dictionary to help you complete your spreadsheets.

The data dictionary provides descriptions of fields in offers, needs, user, and library records. It also indicates which fields are required, specifies accepted values for fields that only accept certain values, and provides definitions of accepted values.

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