OSTI.GOV: Making Science More Open, Efficient, and Reproducible

Title: OSTI.GOV: Making Science More Open, Efficient, and Reproducible


  • Catherine Pepmiller, Librarian, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)


    This webinar addresses OSTI.GOV, the newly redesigned primary search tool for DOE’s research and development results and OSTI’s organizational hub. OSTI.GOV makes available over 70 years of research results from DOE and its predecessor agencies, nearly three million total records. These include:

    • Journal articles/accepted manuscripts and related metadata
    • Technical reports
    • Scientific research datasets and collections
    • Scientific software
    • Patents
    • Conference and workshop papers
    • Books and theses
    • Multimedia

    OSTI.GOV provides access to these DOE research results by offering easy-to-use search capabilities and customization options, and for the DOE community, additional citation information is available to help researchers evaluate article impact and find related research. The website also include:

    • Information about OSTI’s organization, leadership, and strategic plan
    • Policy and guidance regarding the management and submission of DOE-funded R&D results to OSTI
    • Technical support for submitting research results using OSTI’s corporate submission tool, E-Link
    • Resources about data services and developer tools, including the DOE Data ID Service, API documentation, OAI services, and DOE MARC records
    • News about OSTI and its search tools and services

    Viewers in the webinar will learn about new OSTI.GOV features, and will learn how to navigate the new user interface to connect with decades of DOE research.

Duration: 59 minutes

Date Recorded: 03/15/2018

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