PURL Relaunch Progress

In August 2009, U.S. Government Printing Office's (GPO) PURL server experienced a significant hardware failure and was unavailable for several weeks. When this happened, all PURL links became inaccessible. As a result of the outage of this critical system, GPO has been taking steps to ensure high availability and redundancy of the PURL application.

GPO staff have been working to ensure that all features and functionality of the new solution are fully operational before public release; therefore, an exact date for the public relaunch has not yet been determined. Once an exact public release date is established, it will be shared with the community.

For now, it is GPO's goal to ensure that the library community is informed of the changes that are coming this summer. As such, an article has been created on the FDLP Desktop that explains the PURL application relaunch project and lists the changes that will be experienced by the community.

GPO is excited about the relaunch of the PURL application and hopes that the library community enjoys the new features that are forthcoming.

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