Serial Set Volume for Jefferson’s Manual (Serial number 15048)

Upon opening the volume of the Serial Set referenced below, you will notice what appears to be cut strips of paper at the top of each page of the document. This is known as Filler or Stubbing. This is a standard process that is done by the GPO Bindery when the document, in this case, Jefferson’s Manual, is smaller in size (6 x 9 inches) than the document size for most other volumes in the Serial Set (5 7/8 x 9 1/8 inches). The process makes all Serial Set volumes a uniform size for shelving purposes. Please do not claim for a replacement copy, as these volumes are not defective.

  • Title: U.S. Congressional Serial Set, Jefferson’s Manual, Serial no. 15048
  • Class: Y 1.1/2:15048
  • Item Number: 1008-F
  • Shipping List: 2010-0075-S

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