Serial Set Microfiche, Item Number 1008-D-01 Clarification

Microfiche versions of the Serial Set are issued in their slip or preliminary form, meaning they have a SuDoc call number that ranges from Y 1.1/3: through Y 1.1/8:. When the final, bound version of the Serial Set is printed a couple of years later, the SuDoc call numbers are changed to Y 1.1/2: volume number, to reflect the volume number of the bound Serial Set.

Rather than reissue every slip version of the Serial Set microfiche to reflect the final SuDoc call number, GPO creates a microfiche product that contains the title pages and the table of contents. In addition, polymer dividers are printed that contain both the bound or final Serial Set volume number of Y 1.1/2: volume number. The polymer divider also identifies the range of the Serial Set publications contained in it. The polymer dividers are shipped along with the microfiche Title Pages and Table of Contents using the same item number, 1008-D-01.

Libraries that wish to file their Serial Set microfiche in the preliminary or slip SuDoc call number order, may continue to do so, as their microfiche is labeled appropriately. Libraries that wish to file their Serial Set microfiche according to the final SuDoc call number may do so using the polymer dividers and reorganizing their slip versions according to the document ranges on the dividers. Which filing system to use is a local decision influenced by which finding aids are available, cataloging records, the ease of refilling used microfiche, etc.

This clarification is being issued as the microfiche version of the Serial Set Table of, 108th Congress was recently distributed. Libraries are reminded that only regional depositories may select the bound edition of the print Serial Set. Selective libraries may select the slip or preliminary versions of the print format or the microfiche version.

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