FDLP Distribution Updates

GPO staff have made significant headway in the processing and distribution of backlogged FDLP material. Please share these updates with library staff, as appropriate. By now, all libraries should have completed the Library Status form to alert GPO of their current operating status. Libraries that have not yet resumed shipments are encouraged to contact GPO staff regarding their situation.

***Important: If your library has not completed the Library Status form, please do so immediately.

Final shipping lists for FY21:

  • Paper: 2021-0257-P
  • Electronic: 2021-0001-E
  • Separates: 2021-0036-S
  • Microfiche: 2021-0190-M

LSCM staff are working to post shipping lists to FDLP.gov.

Microfiche distribution:

Microfiche was distributed in print shipment boxes during the pandemic due to limitations faced by the microfiche vendor. Starting with shipping list 2021-0036-M, the vendor has resumed normal distribution in microfiche shipments. Some earlier microfiche shipping lists will continue to go out in print shipment boxes as our Distribution team works through their backlog.


  • Claim material using the askGPO Claims form.
  • Shipping lists are arriving out of numeric order. As a result, it is difficult to report for which shipping lists our Distribution unit still has claims copies available. Before filing a claim, please check the Claims Copies Exhausted page. Normally this page is used to report individual publications that LSCM does not have available for claiming. We have added information about which shipping lists no longer have claims copies available.
  • FY20 and FY21 Separates are only available for libraries that have not yet resumed their shipments. When the library resumes their shipments, the Separates will automatically be mailed. There is no need to file a claim.
  • Only claim missing or damaged material on shipping lists that you have received in your boxes. Note that your library may not receive shipment boxes on a regular basis. This is because boxes are typically only mailed when full.
  • Only claim material for which your library selects or profiles.

The following chart outlines these special claiming circumstances.

  Paper Electronic Separates Microfiche
FY20 No longer available for claiming Available for claims
FY21 Available for claims if not on Claims Copies Exhausted page No longer available for claiming No longer available for claiming Available for claims
FY22 Available for claims

Material is still being held for libraries that are unable to receive their shipments.

If you have any questions, contact our Federal Depository Support Services (FDSS) staff through askGPO . Select the category “Other depository library question or issue.” Alternatively, you may call 202-512-1119. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your cooperation.

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