Poster Presentation Webcasts: Federal Depository Library Conference

Have you browsed the 2021 Virtual Poster Gallery?  We encourage you to take a look at your colleague’s posters on a wide variety of topics of interest to the FDLP Community.

As we are not able to meet in person this year, we are pleased to bring you brief recordings of select posters. Feel free to peruse the posters, watch poster creators talk about their posters, and learn! For posters with recordings, a link to the recording will appear under the poster. Please enjoy the following accompanying videos:

  • Encouraging non-depository staff to contribute to the success of depository projects
  • Table Talk: Let’s Talk about the Constitution
  • A Town-Gown Government Collection: The Challenges and Benefits of a University-Public Library Selective Housing Agreement
  • Government Information and Affordable Learning

The 2021 Federal Depository Library Conference begins today, October 18, 2021. There is still time to register to take part in this annual event.

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