2021 Biennial Survey Update

The Biennial Survey of Depository Libraries is the means by which depository libraries report their conditions to GPO. The survey is administered every two years, and response is required by law. The Superintendent of Documents, under the direction of the GPO Director, is responsible for administering the survey as required by 44 U.S.C. §1909. Data from the survey is used to administer the FDLP, to identify new trends, and to evaluate the conditions and services of Federal depository libraries.

Currently, GPO and LSCM are working with developers to integrate a new survey application tool within the askGPO platform which requires additional development and testing time. A preview of the questions will be made available before the launch of the survey to enable libraries to review and begin gathering response data. The final survey will be launched when testing is completed. We anticipate opening the survey to the FDLs in January 2022.

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