Offering FDLP Discards to Preservation Stewards

To provide a quick and efficient way to determine which libraries across the FDLP have committed to serve as Preservation Stewards for specific SuDoc stems or Federal Government authors, LSCM will now maintain a sortable spreadsheet of current Preservation Stewards and the SuDoc classes or Federal Government authors that those partners have committed to preserve on behalf of the community. This MS Excel file can be accessed from the Partnerships page on FDLP.gov by navigating down to the Preservation Steward header and then looking for the blue button labeled Preservation Stewards by SuDoc.

All Federal depository libraries are encouraged to offer publications nationally through FDLP eXchange that are weeded from their collections. Preservation Stewards are also encouraged to maintain a needs list on FDLP eXchange if they are filling gaps in their collections. Offering material nationally in FDLP eXchange and using FDLP eXchange to find and add publications to your FDLP collection is the most equitable and efficient way to keep valuable FDLP material in the National Collection.

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