Library Action Needed: File Claims for Fiscal Year 2020 Separates Impacted by COVID Shutdown

GPO recently sent out the FDLP News Alert, Depository Distribution & Important Updates for Libraries. This Alert announced that Depository Distribution is back up and running at full capacity and staffing. It contained information about what to expect in the upcoming weeks and reminders about filing claims. Also included was special information about all libraries having to file claims for Fiscal Year 2020 Separates material that were impacted by the COVID shutdown.

Several Depository Coordinators have asked for help identifying if their libraries needed to file claims for Separates. LSCM has created a list of Separates that were distributed during the affected time period. The list can be filtered to your library number and includes the full shipping list information needed to file the claim for each publication. Instructions are available to help you utilize the list.

All depository libraries should consult the instructions and spreadsheet.

Please note that most libraries have Separates material held for them, but not all.

If you have any questions, contact our Federal Depository Support Services (FDSS) staff through askGPO. Select the category “Other depository library question or issue.” Alternatively, you can call 202-512-1119.

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