Depository Distribution & Important Updates for Libraries

Library Services & Content Management is pleased to announce that GPO’s Depository Distribution unit is back to full capacity and staffing. Since March 2020, the staff worked staggered shifts with fewer working days. These safety precautions caused a delay in the processing and distribution of publications.

Libraries that have resumed shipments can expect an increase in shipments during the next few weeks. In addition to the continued processing of new content, the staff will focus on processing older, backlogged content.

By now, all libraries should have completed the Library Status form to let GPO know their current operating status. Libraries that have not resumed their shipments yet are encouraged to contact GPO staff regarding their situation.

***Important: Libraries that have not completed the Library Status form, please do so immediately.


  • Claim material using the askGPO Claims form.
  • Claims may be made for material on shipping lists 2020-0250-P and forward.
  • Only claim missing or damaged material on shipping lists that you have received in your boxes.
  • Only claim material that your library selects or profiles for.


  • To receive separates, libraries must first resume their shipments by completing the Library Status form.
  • All libraries must file a claim in order to receive 2020 separates. Review separates shipping lists in your shipment boxes for material listed in your library’s selection profile.
  • Libraries that have resumed shipments will get 2021 separates as normal. Libraries that have not yet resumed their shipments will have to file a claim for 2021 separates when their shipments are resumed.

Not all shipping lists are available online at this time. GPO is working to remedy this.

***Important: In the last year, shipment boxes were not mailed unless they were completely full. Even libraries that resumed shipments may not have received anything yet or may have had long periods between boxes. As distribution returns to normal, all libraries that have resumed shipments should receive shipments on a regular basis, regardless of size.

If you need help with a login for askGPO, contact Federal Depository Support Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 202-512-1119.

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