Beta eCFR: Gathering FDLP Community Input

This message is being posted on behalf of the Office of the Federal Register.

The Office of the Federal Register is developing a new Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) website, and the FDLP community is invited to review the beta site. We are using GPO’s XML bulkdata as the content source for the new site, which allowed us to develop new features such as the ability to:

  • Show which sections have been recently updated.
  • Display historical versions of text.
  • Compare different versions of the text.
  • Link references between content within the CFR and to the Federal Register.
  • Link references within the content to the United States Code.
  • Jump directly to text by entering a citation in the “Go to CFR Reference” box.
  • Create a My eCFR account to receive notifications when selected areas of the eCFR are updated.

In addition, the text is presented in a new, more readable format with the ability to create links to lower levels of the codification.

We recommend reading the “Getting Started” page for a more comprehensive introduction to the main features of the new site.

If you have a question or comment about the website, click the Help Button (lower right-hand corner of every page). We welcome your suggestions to improve the website.

The new site is available at: https://ecfr.federalregister.gov. (The current site remains available at www.ecfr.gov.)

The eCFR is authorized by the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register. Our goal is for it to be recognized as an official format, like the annual paper and PDF volumes. The new website is one step in that process.

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