Item and Classification Changes to Library of Congress' MARC 21 Titles

GPO recently received several documents from the Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service for distribution to libraries in the FDLP. The Library of Congress has made significant changes to the suite of titles in the MARC 21 series (Authority data, Bibliographic data, Holdings data, Classification data, and Community information) which will impact the distribution of these titles.

The Library of Congress will no longer issue updates to the MARC21 titles individually; instead, all updates will be combined into one mailing. This new distribution method does not allow GPO to continue to offer each individual title with a unique item number.

After carefully evaluating all options, GPO has decided the best way to accommodate the library community is to merge the item nos. of all the updates into one item no. Item nos. 0815-G-01, 0815-G-02, 0815-G-03, 0815-G-04, and 0815-G-05 will all be merged into one newly created item no. 0815-G-13. Each title will retain its unique SuDoc class. Libraries selecting 0815-G-01, 0815-G-02, 0815-G-03, 0815-G-04, and 0815-G-05 will now receive 0815-G-13.

Also, "Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification" (LC 26.10:, 0821-A) and "Subject Cataloging Manual: Shelflisting" (LC 26.8/5:, 0820-A) have been merged into one publication, entitled “Classification and Shelflisting Manual.” This new publication will continue class LC 26.8/5:, item no. 0820-A. LC 26.10: will remain active, as that is a general category class for Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides.

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