Bibliographic Records for Online Versions of the FDLP Basic Collection on GitHub Repository

Library Services and Content Management (LSCM) has added a bibliographic record set for the Basic Collection to the CGP on GitHub repository. The set of 21 bibliographic records represents the online versions of the resources on the FDLP Basic Collection list. These are resources that every library in the FDLP is required to have accessible for the public’s immediate use, because the titles are vital sources of information supporting the public's right to know about the workings and essential activities of their Federal Government. This record set for the online versions may be useful to new depository libraries and to libraries that are or are considering becoming all digital depositories.

LSCM will update this record set as needed when changes are made to the Basic Collection. LSCM reviews the Basic Collection on an ongoing basis, at least once a year, and whenever the agency publication status of a resource changes.

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