New Enhancements: Federal Depository Library Directory (FDLD)

GPO is pleased to present numerous new enhancements to the Federal Depository Library Directory (FDLD).

New Fields available:

  • Additional Resource*
  • County**
  • Catalog Record Distrabution Program (CRDP) Participant+
  • Decimal Degrees Latitude**+
  • Decimal Degrees Longitude**+
  • Digital Only+
  • FIPS County Code+
  • Historically Black College & University Library (HBCU)+
  • Job Title
  • Library Director Email
  • Social Media Field**
    • Drop Down
    • Hyperlinked URL
    • Dynamic may add multiple
  • Time Zones**
  • Tribal College Library+

*Additional Resources are library staff other than the Depository Coordinator that provide reference, technical, and/or other services for FDLP materials.

**Indicates will also display in Locate in a Library

+Indicates fields that will be available once their content is populated


  • Name order will now be First Name before Last Name
  • Partnership
    • Type (drop down)
    • Public notes
  • Renamed and updated:
    • Honorific Title (drop down)
    • Depository Website or Guide
      • Dynamic may add multiple

These enhancements will be discussed as part of the “New Additions: Enhancements to the CGP and Related Services” presentation at the 2017 Depository Library Council Meeting & Federal Depository Library Conference on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. (EDT) in the Wilson/ Harrison Room.

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