Updates on the Historic Shelflist Transcription Effort

Beginning Sept. 5, 2017, the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) will start incorporating OCLC into the workflow for the Historic Shelflist Transcription effort. If a bibliographic record(s) for a title represented on a Sheflist card is found in OCLC, GPO’s contract staff will use the record and update it if needed. If a matching bibliographic record cannot be found, GPO contract staff will create a new record in OCLC. Local notes from the Shelflist cards will not be added to the master record in OCLC, but will be included prior to export to the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP).  If a record contains an authorized corporate name or uniform title, a GPO cataloger will review the record and heading to determine if any authority work is required.

When selecting a record in OCLC that matches the information on the Shelflist card, the following guidelines will be used:

  • Preferring a record that reflects Library of Congress cataloging (“DLC” in the 040 field).
  • Selecting only records cataloged in English.
  • Preferring a record with Encoding Level (Leader 17) blank, “I,” “1,” or ”4,” in that order.
  • Preferring a record with Cataloging Source (008/39) blank or “c.”
  • Preferring a record with a number entered in 010 subfield a, or a record with a value entered in the 042 field, especially “lc” or “pcc.”
  • Choosing a record that is fuller and appears to be cataloged according to current cataloging standards (RDA, AACR2, LCSH, etc.).

Shelflist records will be identifiable in the CGP by a 500 note reading “GPO Historic Shelflist Project – publication not in hand” and/or a 955 note “Historic Shelflist.

GPO is also working with OCLC to load over 180,000 Shelflist records currently only available through the CGP into OCLC. GPO created a Data Synch Collection that will be used to load the Shelflist records as well as other groups of records currently only available in the CGP, such as records from our cooperative cataloging partnership with the University of Montana and records for the digitized posters from the University of Iowa.  A sample set of 100 Shelflist records was submitted to OCLC, which is using the sample to create a profile for matching against records in the OCLC database. Additional updates will be shared as the batch loading effort progresses.

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